( B-Boy ) Anwar Ibrahim: has fully emerged himself in, "The Elements of Hip-Hop" since he was a child.  It all started in early elementary school where he was amazed by the acrobatic, uplifting, dance movements of the the older kids he saw break-dancing.  From, Fresno California,  home of the, "Pop n' Lock style."  B-Boying  was alive and strong in the early 80's in Fresno and you could find crews in my neighborhood battle in their yards and garages.  The crews were no joke; wearing matching jumpsuits and practicing dance battling daily.  I was a young kid maybe 7-8, and like a mascot, would hang out with the older kids whenever possible.  I too, would practice breaking, and spinnin' on boxes, like a "Chief Rocka".  Breaking Style did fade out In my world for about a decade, but, buy the 90's the B-boy movement made a ((BIG)) comeback and Anwar circled back to this dancing art practicing daily, having his turn to be the older kids who was able to start large circles of watchers.  In high school you would find Anwar and his friend sneaking into the basketball gym to practice at lunch on the good smooth floor.  The Janitor was cool and let them get away with it, most of the time.  Anwar joined ,"New House Crew" and would often be seen  hanging out and dancing with the Fresno Filipino crew, "Tribal Life." most attending,  Bullard High School. Anwar and his friend continued battling other crews at Raves and Clubs through the 90's while continued his love for all the elements of Real underground Hip-Hop.  His dancing career continued through college.  While attending college classes in Davis, and at U.O.P.,  in Stockton California, many times you could find Anwar and his crew of friends, in the dance / rave scene, of Oakland and San Francisco California.  In the late 90's experiencing probably the best era of underground rave events in the Bay Area. For those who remember, "Homebase" 659 Hegenberger Rd, Oakland, California; know the scene and memories attached, and we are the true O.G.'s to the events that used to occur there. 


          PLAN-A-EMCEE : Since the days of tape decks and cheap microphones Anwar has been playing with rhyming and word usage.  Anwar and his neighborhood, childhood,  best friend, "Jayhari Mason" would make mixed tapes and poor quality recordings in late 80's. This was a small planted seed to his Mc-ing in the late 90's.   While attending college Anwar became excited with Mc battles that were taking place at Fresno City College and other universities he would visit. Rap and Hip-Hop was a huge influence on Anwar and his preferred genre of choice at the time.  Rapping and expression came naturally for him and he accounts it to his creative left-handed abilities.  Anwar, Already very accustomed to Graffiti and writing began writing his words down and compiling a nice collection of lyrics.  While attending the, "University of The Pacific" in Stockton California, Anwar made several independent Hip-Hop recording tracks once available for download on many major free MP3 download sites at that time.  Anwar did some open mic sessions in San Francisco and the Bay area, never performing at big shows.  Currently, he has recovered some of his old tracks. You can find samples of these files in the Plan-A-Emcee page.

(Remember, it was underground, laptop recording on Acid Music.  Quality is not to great, but, some of the lyrics still hold their ground.

Currently hoping to release some new verbal expression in the near future as the studio is now almost up and going .  Check the Plan-A-Emcee page from time to time to see if new content has been updated.

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