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On This Page:  you will find the graffiti art work and Portfolio Page for Artist Anwar Ibrahim.  This is also the Official home website for Urban Hook-Upz Fonts, Urban Hook-Upz Designs, Urban Hook-Upz Blog, Urban Hook-Upz Clothing, and the Urban Hook-Upz Shop.  In addition, you will find links to Graffiti Art Supplies, DJ Lessons Online, D.J. Equipment and Accesorries, D.J. Anwar Supreme Podcast, PLan-A-Emcee Artist Page, About Me Section, Star Photo Gallery, Customer / Fan Project and Art Gallery, Donations Page, FAQs, Affiliate Links, Videos, Music, Members Page, Mailing List Sign-Up, Graffiti Fonts, and many items pertaining to the Elements of true Hip-Hop.



Anwar Ibrahim: has loved and lived all, "The Elements of Hip-Hop" since he was a child.  It all started in early elementary school where he was amazed by the acrobatic, uplifting, dance movements of the the older kids he saw break-dancing.  From, Fresno California,  home of the, "Pop n' Lock style."  B-Boying was alive and strong in Cali in the early 80's  . . . . . . .

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Below is a Sample Display of My Personal Art Portfolio.

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